The power of SMS marketing for conversions - 6 Use Cases

In a world where customers are inundated with marketing messages, it can be difficult for companies to find a way to stand out from the competition. However, conversational commerce is proving to be a successful way to increase revenue and generate more leads. SMS marketing is one of the most effective channels for conversational commerce, as it has a near 100% open rate. Additionally, reply-to-buy campaigns have even higher conversion rates than traditional SMS marketing messages. Customers can now transact simply by replying 'yes' within the chat box. Brands are seeing conversion rates of up to 50%. If you're looking for a way to increase revenue and stand out from the competition, conversational commerce is the solution you've been looking for! Below are the 6 best use cases for utilizing SMS marketing to increase revenue and drive insanely high ROI.

1) Winback - This is the ideal use-case for reply to buy SMS marketing campaigns! Here is an example use case: A customer hasn't shopped with you in a while so you send them a winback message, with a discount offer included. They see the message, reply 'yes' (because who doesn't love a great deal), and just like that you have generated a new order from a lapsed customer that you may have never reached through other channels. We have seen the conversion rate for this type of campaign approach 50%!

2) Abandoned Cart - Another wonderful use case, that if you are already using SMS marketing you may have tried out. Companies are seeing wonderful response rates to traditional SMS marketing campaigns for customers who have provided phone numbers and then abandoned cart. The TextWorks platform takes SMS Marketing to the next level by removing the additional layer of friction caused by asking customers to click a link, wait for the website to load, and input a code at checkout. On our platform, all a customer needs to do is simply reply to the message and say "yes".

3) Drops - This is a great way to create a revenue extension to your current line-up of offerings. Introducing weekly drops is exciting, drives engagement, and more importantly incremental sales and an amazing ROI. Textworks enables companies to launch chat-based flash sales. Customers are notified of the sale via SMS and can purchase the product directly through chat. There are no forms to fill out, no links to click - customers simply reply 'yes' to buy. Your customers will love the experience and your finance team will thank you for delivering an amazing ROI.

4) Overstock Inventory - If your company deals with excess inventory due to seasonal products (wine, coffee, apparel, etc.) this is a perfect use case for you. As the season comes to an end, you can quickly set up an engaging campaign for the segment of customers that you think would be interested in each product. In order to maximize the conversions, it is recommended to offer a discount on these items as you would in retail or on your website for products you are looking to move at the end of a season. As with our other use cases, customers transact by replying 'yes' and you can automate a reply to confirm their purchase, where they can review their order before it's finalized. You can even verify the size, color, or other variants right in the text message without forcing the customer to take additional steps.

5) Upsells / Cross-sells - While this type of selling works for all business types who have an engaged consumer base. We have seen amazing results for subscription businesses that are struggling to get customers to adopt new or additional products to their base subscription. The best part about this use case is you already have a brand loyal customer who has indicated they are interested in receiving messages from your company and with TextWorks, you now have a direct line into their hands where you can get a message delivered to them that will be read within minutes of receiving it. Couple that with the frictionless experience of making the purchase in the text message app with a simply reply and you have the ingredients for an amazing return on your investment.

6) Product launches - What better way to build excitement around a new product launch than to ask your customers to join a list and have exclusive access to the product (and maybe a discount for being a text recipient)? Most companies let their customers know about product launches by email, but if you use this channel to inform customers, you can guarantee that roughly 70% of them will never open the message or find out that you have a new product offering. With over 97% open rates, you can ensure that your customers will at least be aware of the new launch. Additionally, if you use Textworks and allow them to check out with a simple reply, you will create an amazing customer experience and generate more revenue than possible through other channels.

Conversational commerce is still a relatively new concept, but it's one that is quickly gaining traction as a way for companies to increase revenue. The best part about these use cases is it is so simple to implement alongside your current channels; all you need to get started are:

- A list of customers you can contact via email or any other channel (like social media), and

- A conversational commerce platform like textworks

Did these use cases get you thinking about how your company could benefit from conversational commerce? We would love to hear from you and help get you started on your SMS marketing journey. Textworks offers a no cost plan so you can explore all of the features and benefits our platform has to offer with no commitment. Visit our website today to sign up for your free trial!

Looking for more ways to increase revenue? Check out our blog post on [topic]. [Link]. What other ways have you used conversational commerce to drive revenue? Let us know in the comments below!

Still not convinced conversational commerce is right for your business? Check out this case study to see how one company increased their revenue by millions using conversational commerce: [case study link]

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